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About Anodyne Software

Anodyne Software develops and markets software for all Atari TOS-based systems. Our products are available directly from us, or from your Atari dealer. We have been developing and marketing Atari software since 1990. If you would like to be automatically notified when there is an update to this web site, please email Anodyne Software.

Product information

bulletExtenDOS 4: for CD/DVD readers & writers
bulletCD Writer Suite v4: record to CDs and DVDs!
bulletDiamond Edge: disk optimisation, diagnostics, repair and recovery

Product support and updates

bulletExtenDOS 4
bulletCD Writer Suite v4
bulletDiamond Edge

Other software

bulletFreeware from Anodyne
bulletEthernet support for Atari systems

General information

bulletProduct Questions and Answers
bulletWhat's new at Anodyne
bulletContact us

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Previous products - information

bulletCD Writer Suite v3: record audio CDs, create ISO9660 CDs, backup your system!
bulletCD Writer Plus: record your own audio CDs and backup your system
bulletCD Writer: record your own audio CDs
bulletExtenDOS Gold: for CD-ROMs and CD Recorders
bulletExtenDOS Pro

Previous products - support and updates

bulletCD Writer Suite v3
bulletCD Writer Plus
bulletCD Writer
bulletExtenDOS Gold
bulletExtenDOS Pro

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  Atari Coldfire Project
Didier Mequignon (Author of Aniplayer)
University of Michigan Atari Archive

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