Textbook is both an e-book reader and a text viewer, designed to look and operate like a classic book. You can use it to replace your default desktop text viewer, or read books in text format. It is compatible with the Project Gutenberg collection of thousands of books.

It is released as Donationware: it's free with an optional donation to the author, Claude Labelle. Please read the README/LISEZMOI/LIESMICH file in the download for details of the licence.

bullet Download for free! (English version)
bullet TÚlÚcharger gratuitement! (version franšaise)
bullet Kostenloser Download! (Deutsche Version)

Features of Textbook:

bulletInnovative interface. No scrollbars; click on page or thickness lines to change page (or use the keyboard). Thickness lines show the position within the book. Text is reflowed to fit the margins. A graphical bookmark operates like the paper version.
bulletQuick loading. You don't have to wait long for large e-books to open.
bulletEasy opening. Open files from a most-recent file list, the desktop, by drag and drop or by using the file selector. Files will re-open at the same place that they were last closed. Supports long filenames.
bulletLow resource requirements. A 1 MB ST with hard drive is sufficient. NVDI is recommended. Tested with ST, TT, Falcon, CT63/CTPCI; TOS, MagiC and MiNT.
bulletHigh-quality text. UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and Atari character sets; italic; font selector; justification; paper colour; kerning pairs; conversion of quotes to “smart quotes” and double dash to long dash.

Figure 1. Book open on first page. All the thickness lines are on the right side. 
Alice in Wonderland 
Figure 2. Bookmark. 
 Figure 3. High quality text with smart quotes.
Formatted text 
 Figure 4. A READ.ME file.
Plain text 

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