ExtenDOS 4

ExtenDOS 4 is the latest version of Anodyne Software's ExtenDOS product line. Like previous versions, it provides access to CDs through most SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives and CD recorders. In addition, ExtenDOS 4 supports standard MMC DVD drives, both readers and recorders!

Major features in ExtenDOS 4

bulletdata and audio CDs appear to the operating system as read-only removable hard  disks
bulletDVD-ROMs appear to the operating system as read-only removable hard disks (providing they contain an ISO9660 file system)
bulletprovides low-level driver support for CD recording (CD-R/CD-RW) and DVD recording (DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R)
bulletsupports the SCSIDRV interface: ExtenDOS 4 (and therefore application programs such as CD Writer Suite) can use SCSI or ATAPI/IDE CD/DVD devices on most systems with the appropriate hardware interface and a SCSIDRV driver installed
bulletincludes MiNT XFS for better integration with recent versions of freemint
bulletenhancements to the included audio CD player, including display of track and album names (from either CD Text or the freedb database)
bulletsupplied on a diskette with a 50+ page manual, plus a copy of the Atari-format freedb database on CD

Other features in ExtenDOS 4

bulleteasy installation and reconfiguration via a GEM-based installation program
bulletcompatibility with Atari TOS-based systems (and compatibles)
bulletcomprehensive Atari operating system compatibility, including MiNT, MagiC, and Geneva
bulletcompatibility with most SCSI and ATAPI/IDE CD/DVD readers and CD/DVD recorders, including those requiring SCSI arbitration
bulletworks with SCSI-to-IDE converters, allowing the use of ATAPI/IDE readers and writers on older Atari systems
bullethigh performance through optimised assembler-language coding and caching of active CD/DVD sectors
bulletsupport for most CD-ROM formats, including mixed-case and long filenames
bulleta full-function audio CD player, invoked as a desk accessory or program
bulletaudio CD "quick-play": play a track or an entire disk directly from the desktop
bulletdirect audio CD-to-disk copying with comprehensive controls for selecting the audio data
bulletCD Session-At-Once recording for MMC drives
bulletBuffer-Underrun-Free (i.e. “burnproof”) recording, when requested by the application program
bulletan extremely stable and well-tested environment.

The programs and manual for ExtenDOS 4 are available in English or French.

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